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Personalised to suit your needs and objectives.

Sometimes one sentence in one talk can change someone’s life. Maybe it’s a concept someone in the room has never heard of, or a new angle to an old problem that sheds light on a solution, or an anecdote that resonates and helps the team work better together. Maybe it's pure inspiration and the gift of hope to someone who is quietly struggling. What ever the case may be, an inspirational, motivational or educational keynote speech has the power to positively change the life of another!


BE UNSTOPPABLE’s keynote speakers deliver tailor-made keynote inspirational, motivational and educational speeches that designed and tailored made to address a topic that needs attention. Be it the stigma of mental health and it's associated symptoms, the essential need to understand and prevent mental health problems overtaking one's life, the power of developing resilience, the importance of personal significance and it's impact on mental strength and mental health, leadership through empathy and empowerment, dealing with change, trauma or disappointment, and so much more.


Ideal for corporate breakfasts, team building days, creating a mentally healthy work culture, or even as a special event for community groups, staff or teams who need education and inspiration regarding mental health. Keynote speeches can be a one-off address, or as part of a facilitated training workshop.

Keynote speeches can also be designed for professional athletic teams and other sporting groups, as well as retired athletic support groups and ex-military or service-people, who have ended a significant career and feel lost as to their next life step. Utilising our very own retired professional athlete, Michael Beauchamp, who knows first hand the psychological impact of having a demanding and consuming career, with the pressure of needing to change to a new life path. Michael is an inspirational leader and resilient man that can help many going through this experience.

Dee is a voice of inspiration, a model of strength and a true positive change catalyst to all who have crossed her path. Her extensive life, professional and educational experience is the foundation for her ability to effectively engage a crowd, creating an environment of reflection, learning, humour and motivation for positive change. 


Inspirational keynote speaking is tailor-made to event, client or circumstantial requirements, personalised to meet learning objectives and maximising the impact it can have on those watching and listening. Topics that can be covered include, but not limited to, the following:​

Building 'Positive Mental Health'

Personal Development


Achieving Goals

Dealing With Change

Creating a Positive Work Culture


Inspirational Story Sharing

Strengthening One's Mindset


Dealing with Trauma or Disappointment

Organisational Morale Booster

And more ...

Dee Raquel Joma_BE UNSTOPPABLE.jpg


Founder - Executive Director

ICF Professional Certified Coach

Trainer - Facilitator - Speaker

Dee is a woman that has experienced it all ... career success and financial burden, love and heartbreak, tragedy from the effects of her father's suicide, mental health struggles and a transition to 'positive mental health' and mental strength, world travel, education, opportunity and the passion to help others.

Dee's professional experience, over 24 years, stems from the corporate world, working with a variety of CEO's, directors and executives, as well as managing and developing a large number of employees, coaching them on leadership skills, effective communication styles, team work, goal achievement and personal and professional development. A thriving professional life, masking a crumbling personal life ...

Dee's personal experiences include many personal tragedies, such as the suicidal death of her father, a failed marriage, financial betrayal by people she trusted and multiple heartbreaks. The global financial crisis topped the pain, where her largest client went into liquidation, leaving a crushing debt. She was broken, directionless, alone with no escape, so she moved to New York City.


New York was a life turning point, where she began writing, reflecting, self-analysing and general soul searching. Her educational journey and transition to coaching and inspiring others began, when she successfully changed her mindset, emotional control and behaviour. She started coaching and mentoring others, igniting the fulfilling feeling that comes with being a positive change catalyst for people, which led to her return to Sydney to study a Bachelor of Coaching and Counselling with a focus on Positive Psychology, to have a solid theoretical foundation to complement her personal and professional life experiences and work as a professional coach, trainer, facilitator and speaker. Dee is currently writing a book, due to be released throughout 2021.

Dee is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach, and a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychology Groups. Dee has worked with numerous organisations on complete culture change and skill development of executives and staff, employee and customer-focused rewards programs, company vision and mission statement development, one-on-one executive coaching for personal and professional development, as well as a multitude of life coaching clients, to enhance certain life areas and achieve personal goals.




Motivational Speaker

Former Australian Socceroo

Captain Western Sydney Wanderers

Michael has had an exceptional local and international football career, with a wealth of experience in leadership, working with teams, developing resilience and managing the stressful life that comes with being a public figure, consistently in the media.

Michael's love for soccer began at the age of 4, where he played football part-time until the age of 21, when his professional career began.​ In 2002 he signed his first full time contract in the National Soccer League and played professionally for the next 13 years. Michael's incredible career achievements include:

13 Years Playing Professional Football

2 Grand Finals

Won a Pre Season Cup, German Cup and Premiership

Played for Australia 22 times

Part of the 2006 & 2010 Socceroos World Cup Squads

Captain of the Western Sydney Wanderers - First 2 Seasons

The extensive experience gained from being a professional athlete, coupled with the strength of mind, discipline in attitude and behaviour, overcoming multiple circumstances and events that affect the lives of all professional athletes, and being a proud Australian leader and mentor to so many others, makes Michael an ideal voice of inspiration.


Michael retired from professional football at the end of 2014 and currently enjoys being a father to two beautiful children, while coaching sporting teams and delivering  key note and motivational speeches to organisations about resilience, leadership and team work. Michael's ability to link the mental strength of an athlete to that of the demands of real life, is perfect for personal development and the creation of 'Positive Mental Health'.





To Book Dee or Michael for your next event, click on the link below.

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Develop a 'Positive Mental Health' Work Culture.

Organisations today, understand the power and need for a work environment that cultivates and nurtures mentally healthy staff. Management, staff and teams all need to work through the pressures of their professional roles, as well as the demands of life outside work, including family, social responsibility, financial burden and more. Statistics have shown a significant increase in Australian adults suffering from mental health illnesses and consistently taking time off work to manage the effects these illness have, impacting their personal life and the organisation that employs them.
The BE UNSTOPPABLE FOUNDATION can provide the 'Positive Mental Health' program to any organisation who wishes to invest in the well-being of their largest asset... their people. Delivered through effective learning facilitated workshops and customised training to support staff mental health development. The 'Positive Mental Health' program is designed to educate staff on 'adverse mental health', to understand and apply strategies to prevent the symptoms and onset of problems and to develop the mental strength and ability to cultivate 'positive mental health', resulting in a better outcome for all staff, both within and outside the workplace.
Training_Facilitation_BE UNSTOPPABLE COA

Contact us now to discuss organising a 'Positive Mental Health' program in your organisation, and make an investment that has a positive impact on 'your people' like no other program can. Let us engage and educate your managers, staff and teams, resulting in positive change, a mentally healthy work culture and your flourishing business. Our programs and facilitated workshops are personalised for delivery to suit your needs, goals and budget.


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