The Power of Cultivating Mental Strength and


Quotations shown herein have been taken from surveys, feedback sheets and live conversations between the team at the BE UNSTOPPABLE FOUNDATION and the adults and kids that participate in our programs. To protect the privacy of all participants, all names have been omitted. 

"I will be thankful to you forever, for making me realise my own powers, core values and needs, my weaknesses and opportunities to grow, to break my habitual patterns that are not helpful and to achieve miracles in my life."

'Positive Mental Health' for Adults Program

“I wanted more out of my life, meaning and purpose, yet l lacked the confidence to assert myself. I have worked through some uncomfortable experiences that I have come to accept as who I am. I know I have choices, techniques and tools to stop and breath. I know I can stand strong.”

'Positive Mental Health' for Adults Program

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“This program is invaluable to the students.”

Kirk Thomas

Deputy Principal

Granville Boys High School

“In this program I have learnt that mental health can affect how we think, feel and act.”

“It has helped me realise that everyone experiences these things and it’s important to get help and stay healthy, in order to be mentally fit.”

“I have learnt that mental health has many factors and that there is always a solution to them.”

“It has helped me to not be negative and know that you can succeed/achieve even if you fall.”

“I have learnt that the environment we live in can affect our mental health, as well as what we tell ourselves.”

“I have learnt that mental health is about controlling your own mind.”

“This program has helped me know that I can achieve much more than I think I can.”

“I have stopped looking down on myself and have started looking at my positive stuff. It makes me more happy and positive."

“I have learnt how to control my own mental health and if I am suffering from stress or anxiety, I know how to relax with different methods.”

“This program has taught me healthy self-talk and believing in myself.”

“Due to this program, I am using motivating language to boost my sense of self and my self-morale.”

“I am learning positive mental health and I tell myself I can do it and that I am capable.”

“The best part of this program has been all the discussions. To share problems without people judging.”

“The best part of the program is that it makes me feel more in control of my own mental health.”

“The best part of the program is learning about what we can do to stop adverse mental health.”

“This program can help other kids because it’s not just about yourself... It is also about learning if someone else is going through hard times.”

“This program can help other kids because ...

It can set them up for life.”

“This program has helped me to overcome fear.”

The Powerful Voices of the Kids in Our Programs
Helping Big-Kids and Little-Kids Develop Life-Long Powerful Abilities


Students have come forward and asked for help ... referring them to the school counsellor for support.

Students have been identified as possible 'orange flags' that may need monitoring for mental health support.

Engagement by students to discuss mental health as a topic has been good, breaking down the negative stigma.

Reassurance that 'asking for help is a sign of strength' to recover quickly and live well has been well received.

Engagement in taking more control of their own mental health and behaviour has been strong.

Teenage Students
School's Out

”There is a concerning shortage of affordable and effective support for young people who are experiencing mental health crises. With continued rising demand within this age group, I believe that more preemptive action is required to provide young people with the skills and tools they can draw upon when they find themselves experiencing a downturn in their mental health, as well as more accessible individual support. In my local community alone, wait times for government-funded family and child/adolescent counselling can be 12-18 months. Anecdotally, I know there are young people experiencing suicidal ideation who struggle to find the support they need through their high school welfare teams due to access issues and I dare say, long-standing social stigma associated with mental ill-health. Stories like these are extremely concerning.


The UNSTOPPABLE KIDS program is an opportunity to start a conversation about mental health with our young people before a crisis strikes, and to provide them with resilience and mental strength skills that they will keep and use throughout their lifetime. With the additional option to access a qualified counsellor, this is a truly holistic and beautifully considered approach.”

Kirsten Barnett

Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Youth Mental Health First Aider

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