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The Power of Positive Emotions

Positive emotions are so powerful and have a significant impact on your ability to manage stress and manage your mental health. Positive emotions highly influence many things including:

  • Positive emotions make you feel happy!

  • Help you feel confident.

  • Promotes good health.

  • Helps you think clearly.

  • Improves your ability to manage stress.

  • Enhances your communication skills.

  • Improves your ability to learn new things.

  • In YOUR CONTOL to create within you.

We all know that it is important to learn how to manage negative emotions. This is a skill that can be built upon with learning and practice. However, on the flip side of managing negative emotions, is the nurturing and development of positive emotions. Positive emotions have numerous health benefits including the ability to control stress … promoting good health, the ability to think clearly, feel happy, feel confident, connect and communicate effectively, be better at learning new things and perform at a peak state ... just to name a few.

Positive emotions, like negative emotions, are within one’s control, to choose to feel them, to use them to our benefit and to enrich our life experiences. People who have high levels of positive emotions look at the world from a different perspective than a negative individual, which in turn, highly influences the goals they set, the manner in which they build relationships, how they react and respond to circumstances, and how their needs are met.

For example, a person whose primary emotion is gratitude, will look at any situation, including a negative circumstance, and find something to be grateful for, nurturing the positive feeling and helping to make a good decision on how to handle the situation.

Alternatively, if a person’s primary emotion was frustration, then any little thing that happens in their life, will fuel that emotion and make things even worse, rather than assessing the issue for what it really is and taking the positive out of it to make a better decision, instead of more frustration and anger.

Positive emotions are powerful, infectious to those who are surrounded by people who

feel this way, as their energy is so welcoming and wanted.

Getting into a positive emotional state is achieved in a number of ways, as there are so many different things that can make an individual feel good, and thus, can be done regularly to ‘power up’ the positive emotions on a daily basis. Some examples of ways to feel positive emotions include consistent and deep practices of gratitude, listening to one’s favourite song, exercise to oxygenate the brain and blood flow, the practice of meditation and mindfulness and anything else that makes an individual feel ‘happy and empowered’.



What can you do each day to ignite those emotions even more?


The BE UNSTOPPABLE FOUNDATION helps adults and kids learn about mental health, to better understand the symptoms and the steps to take to prevent these symptoms turning into 'adverse mental health' illnesses. The programs are designed to educate all people on developing mental strength, with the strategies to apply in their daily life, cultivating 'positive mental health' and well-being.


The foundation has received an influx of enquiry from people who want help with 'adverse mental health', working through stress, anxiety and depression, and finding solutions for positive change. The foundation has also had enquiry from parents wanting the UNSTOPPABLE KIDS program for their children.

Our team of counsellors, coaches and program facilitators are working tirelessly to help as many people as possible get support, heal and learn to develop 'positive mental health', but the foundation needs help! We urgently need the generosity of all individuals and organisations who can support the foundation to fund these programs to be delivered now and into the future.

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