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Mental Strength: How Mentally Strong Are You?

Mental Strength is an individual’s ability to have mental and emotional control, which influences decisions and actions. An individual who is mentally strong is able to manage stress and ‘adverse mental health’ symptoms including chronic stress, anxiety and depression, before they develop into something more serious, enabling them to feel empowered with choices being made, that foster a healthy mind and happy life.

Mental strength is achieved by people who understand their own psychology (human needs and the forces that influences thinking, emotions and actions), which increases their level of awareness about their own thinking, feelings and behaviour, helping them to make better decisions. An individual who is mentally strong will develop and harness their personal strengths, have a healthy level of confidence, high resilience, able to develop good habits, learn better communication skills, enjoy enriching relationships, and have the ability to set and achieve goals, which collectively cultivate ‘positive mental health’ and a fulfilled life.

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There are many people that are successful in their own right that live in our community ... it could be a family member, a friend, a neighbour, the local business owner or any person that has the characteristics of mental strength, and pushes forward towards achieving their goals. These people are more resilient to life’s challenges and lead a healthy, well rounded life. Mental strength is not only for the ‘famous faces', high performing professionals and elite athletes, it is for any person who invests in their own learning, to apply the same thinking as other successful people towards their own dreams.

Developing the elements of mental strength are encompassed within the six BE UNSTOPPABLE DRIVERS that were covered in the last 6 editions of blogs. Learning these skills takes time and practice, with the right support, education and coaching, enabling the individual to develop mental strength and cultivate ‘positive mental health’.

Develop Mental Strength

The BE UNSTOPPABLE DRIVERS are a collection of foundational universal wisdom, proven through centuries of application and decades of psychological and behavioural studies. These principles have been packaged and taught by many individuals and organisations over the years, using multiple ways to interpret similar messages.

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The BE UNSTOPPABLE FOUNDATION helps adults and kids learn about mental health, to better understand the symptoms and the steps to take to prevent these symptoms turning into 'adverse mental health' illnesses. The programs are designed to educate all people on developing mental strength, with the strategies to apply in their daily life, cultivating 'positive mental health' and well-being.


The foundation has received an influx of enquiry from people who want help with 'adverse mental health', working through stress, anxiety and depression, and finding solutions for positive change. The foundation has also had enquiry from parents wanting the UNSTOPPABLE KIDS program for their children.

Our team of counsellors, coaches and program facilitators are working tirelessly to help as many people as possible get support, heal and learn to develop 'positive mental health', but the foundation needs help! We urgently need the generosity of all individuals and organisations who can support the foundation to fund these programs to be delivered now and into the future.

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